2016 Rochester Jazz Fest Guide

Jun 16, 2016

The 15th annual Rochester Jazz Fest is almost here.  Enjoy our updated Rochester Jazzfest Guide to make the most of this awesome event in our own backyard.  With over 200 shows, including your local high school jazz bands, you’re sure to find the one that fits.

The Headliners

It should come as no surprise that many of the headlining shows have only a few seats left.  If you need tickets, get them as soon as possible! From, here’s the lineup:  you can go to the site and pick your tickets for each show.

Can’t make it to your favorite headliner?  Worry not!  There is still so much great music to be a part of!  Why not check out some of the other shows ?  There are scores of other great musicians and bands playing; both local, and bigger national/international names.

music-104599_960_720Most shows are pay-at-the-door… but if you’re thinking you’ll be club hopping, a club pass may be your best bet.  For less than $200 you can get into all the hotspots around the Jazz Fest this week.  You’ll have access to the over 230 different performances happening- it’s not too late to save!!!

Want to check out some great jazz without dipping into your wallet?  No problem.  There are tons of free shows that are open to the public.  You can enjoy some great music from several area High Schools, as well as other excellent FREE shows during the entire festival.

The Food

Come for the music, stay for the food?  We know there is going to be some amazing music happening, and you can enjoy it with some great eats!!  Check out this article from the Democrat & Chronicle.  The music is impressive, so is the food!

app_side_bannerIf you’re trying to keep track of where to go and what to see, be sure to download the Jazzfest App! The Xerox Rochester International Jazz Fest is certainly one of the highlights of the year here in RocCity!  Our area boasts some of the best in music culture, and there is always a great show somewhere nearby.  Speaking of nearby, we can’t wait until our store opens!  We’ll be in the heart of all things Jazz Fest in years to come.  In the meantime, contact us to embrace your current space or make a move!  See you on East Ave!