A Day in the Life of a Rochester Design Center Shopper: Meet Tia

Apr 6, 2016

Meet Tia.

Tia has heard about Rochester Design Center Roc.


She walks in the door, and it just smells happy and cheerful.  Immediately she feels comfortable.  That worrisome thought in the back of her head that the store would be like a museum with expensive and crazy, wackadoodle designs, vanishes immediately.  Her kids are with her because life is like that sometimes, when you juggle schedules and run errands and try to fit in every stop.  As she gently reminds them not to touch a single thing, a kind, energetic young man comes over to inform her that there is a special, supervised place for kids to explore.  Before she asks, they’re off and running and grabbing craft materials.

Logo with PillowsShe can actually look up and out and soak it all in, and even though there’s so many choices, she’s not overwhelmed because what she sees makes sense.   As she proceeds through the space, she sees different vignettes:  a living room with a sofa, love seat, tables, but there’s more to it, there’s fixtures on the wall, a painting, carpet and a beautiful vase on the table.   It compliments the throw rug and the accent pillows.  She turns the corner to see another vignette in a completely different style.  She never would have put those colors together in a million years and yet, it’s warm and relaxing.  As she looks up, she notices a sign that tells her that she can have everything she sees in this setting, delivered to her door.  All of it is available as a package, here and now.   No waiting 6 weeks for delivery.  No worries about trying to figure it out herself.  She’s not watching design on tv, she’s experiencing it, LIVE.  She can have a kid-friendly, grown up house.

compact kitchen

She has so much to think about.  And she would, if it weren’t for the amazing aroma of coffee and maybe something baking?  In a furniture store?  Yes, and it’s served from a compact kitchen?  How cool is that?  She has to have a cup because it isn’t every day that you meet a compact kitchen.  And, as takes her first sip, in a pink flamingo chair nearby, she starts to feel empowered.  The right furniture and accents can change how she feels and her family feels.  The right smell, the right light, can make a difference. She might even start to like her house again.  In the meantime, she’s definitely going to order some of those cupcakes she saw.




Be like Tia.

Be empowered.

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