Rochester Design Center Roc Adventures this Fall

Oct 11, 2016

Hello and happy day to all our Rochester Design Center friends and those that are yet to be!  It’s been a busy fall and we can’t wait to tell you about the harvest of adventures we have planned for the store and beyond.  Fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for an amazing ride at Rochester Design Center Roc!

First Fridays

firstfriday_logo_slideWe’ve had two already!  Thanks for your support!  We look forward to even more.  You can watch our Facebook page for all the details and a preview of our featured guests  (Be sure to like and share the page as well.)

Rochester Design Center Perks

What is Rochester Design Center Perks?  We’re glad you asked. It’s a group with the scoop!  When perkyou sign up, you’ll get a sneak peek at the latest items coming to the store, you’ll receive perks for making purchases and you’ll have the opportunity to meet with other people once a month, for a really good cup of coffee to sample some tasty treats and/or explore the latest elements of design.  You’ll also be entered into any giveaway we have automatically.  It’s open to everyone and it’s absolutely FREE.  Register Now!

Grand Opening Celebration

ribbon-cutting-ceremony-1upRibbon Cutting Ceremony with the honorable Mayor Lovely Warren is on Wednesday, October 26th.  What a journey it has been and we’re so thankful for all who have made it possible.  We look forward to changing the way Rochester and why yes, the world, thinks about their space.   A piece of furniture, a fixture, or even  a find can be life transforming.  It’s the beginning of a fabulous beginning and we can’t wait.   Register now and let us know you’re coming and you’ll be eligible to win our Design Time Giveaway.  Yes, that’s right, a FREE consultation (actually valued at $150.00) on a design topic of your choice.   Discover how you can embrace your space with someone who is passionate, skilled and ready to dream with you- our very own, Dani Polidor.

Empire Realty

The change in season has brought a change in affiliation.  We are excited to announce our partnership with Empire Realty which makes our space only real estate and design center in Rochester.  You can find out more about the fabulous team at Empire Realty Group by visiting the website, or better yet, come visit us in the store.  Real estate, design, space, furnishings, lifestyle strategies!  They all intersect at our store to provide you with a LIFE experience, which is far better, dear reader, than a shopping experience.

We look forward to the changes this season brings and we also look forward to what remains the same:  We give you our pledge and our promise to provide unparalleled service and exemplary style/ functional design in a space that makes you feel like you’re living, not shopping.  Come see us today!