Rochester Design Center Roc Grand Opening

Oct 20, 2016

Hello, Rochester Design Center Readers!  You ROC!  Can’t wait to celebrate with you!  YES!  Our GRAND OPENING is Wednesday, October 26th!  Can you believe it?  It’s days away and we hope you can be there.   Truth is, that no one gets from here to THERE without the support of tremendous human beings who dwell in possibilities!

2015-09-11 14.34.22You see once upon a time, there was a space that needed love and purpose.   In fact, there was a contest called “Race for Space” to see how this space might be used in the very best way.  And now?  Well, there’s a lifestyle store that invites you to experience and embrace your own space.  In fact, it’s Rochester’s only real estate and design center.  Need to rent, sell, buy, invest, decorate, renovate, collaborate, accentuate?  Come.   Need to brew, cook, paint, read, learn, make or try before you buy?  Come.  Experience the space.  It’s so much more fun than shopping.

Where to begin?  Come join us for the Grand Opening Celebration

ribbon-cutting-ceremony-1upRibbon Cutting Ceremony

There’s a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2 pm with the Honorable Mayor Lovely Warren.  It’s such an exciting time in our city.   We’re all about revitalizing people and space while at the same time maintaining the character and integrity of  the past.  Join us in appreciation, innovation, and celebration.

Evening Reception

Can’t join us for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony?  We know, sometimes work gets in the way.  Consider joining us from 5 to 8pm for an evening reception as we toast with Empire Realty to the launch of the only design and real estate center in Rochester and to benefit Homesteads for Hope Community Farm.

When you register for either one, you’ll be entered into our Design Time Giveaway, so register now and check out our cool countdown ticker!

You see, dear reader, lives and space transform when people rally behind a common goal and purpose.   Rochester Design Center Roc is very much about furniture and fixtures and finds and we’re also very much about compassion, education, and encouragement.   There’s a designer in all of us.  Some design numbers, words, cells, fashion, pastries, windshield wipers, vegetables and so on.  Let work together to design a community where everyone matters.

perkOur grand opening is just the beginning of adventures yet to come.  You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter @Rochester Design CenterRoc.  Be sure to sign up for our Rochester Design Center Perks and read the latest edition of the Rochester Design Center Insider.  So glad you’re here!  We can’t wait to see you THERE!