Rochester Design Center Thanksgiving Menu Planners

Nov 11, 2016

It’s almost turkey time!   That’s all well and good, but someone needs to actually cook the meal.  We’ve hunted high and low to find just the right Turkey guides this year, to make your meal a success.  Check out our Thanksgiving Menu Planner and some of the cool items we have at Rochester Design Center for the perfection celebration.

Make a Plan

menu-plannerNew York Times Thanksgiving Menu Planner.

Here’s why we love it:

You just put in your skill level and the number of people coming and they give you menus to choose from.  You can also add in dietary restrictions like diabetes or celiac disease and they will advise accordingly.  Choose from make it ahead or make it at the last minute!  Traditional dishes or shake it up!  Your feast is sure to be a success!

Food Network Thanksgiving Planner

Here’s why we love it:

All the menus are done and listed.  Choose from budget-friendly, quick and easy (a personal favorite), Bobby Flay and more.  Lots of pictures and videos, so it’s like having your own personal helper!

If you run into trouble, the Butterball hotline this year now includes text and social media!

Get it To Go

Or, maybe you’re ready to go pick up dinner.  Work to your strengths and let someone else shine.  There are several locations throughout Rochester where you can get your meal to go, including all the appetizers.  Some may say you’re cheating, but honestly, it might be better in the long run if cooking skills are not in your wheelhouse.  (Ever set the turkey on the table and have it break in half? #TrueStory)

cheese-852978_960_720Sticky Lips BBQ


Colby’s Pig Roast Catering (You can get a slow roasted big bird)

Keep in mind that you’ll want to put your order in now as some places have a limit to the number of meals they can make.


Truth be told, maybe you’ve reached your limit, and this year, you’re just going to go out for Thanksgiving Dinner.  You can pick from 17 popular places in our area.

Regardless of your choice, Rochester Design Center has some great furniture, fixtures and finds that can add to the celebration. Perhaps you have seen some of our appliances (Huge fan of Miele) or decorative pieces already when you were in the store.  If not, here’s a sneak peak at some of them.


We can help you decorate, renovate or relax before, during and after the holidays, in your new sauna.  No holiday stress here!  We’ve got you covered!  Contact us today and stay tuned for a jingle bell blog, coming soon!