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Embrace Your Space Makeover Series: What Blue Can Do for You

May 11, 2016

Hey there!  Glad you’re back.  We can’t wait to show you what a little color, texture and artful design can do for a space.  Don’t just take our word for it!  See it and believe it.  Let’s start with this great apartment redesign.

No matter how you spell it, a little tile and some lemons will go a long way in making your gray skies blue again. Experiment with words and color and you can transform any space.   Flowers, place mats, simple dishware that leaves you room to play with creative accents; why it’s the stuff that dream spaces are made of.  Less is more and it’s exciting.

The KitchenApartment Redesign

The Living Room

Let’s take a gander at the living room.   Rochester Design Center  is all about finding the right furniture, fixtures and finds (#itsourtagline) to create a space that says what you want it to.  Can’t decide?  We’ll help  and then we’ll find just the right colors and elements to make a statement.  Seriously, there really is such a thing to this color psychology.  What does this beautiful blue say to you?
into the wild

Peaceful, relaxing and inviting?   How about go ahead, grab the pillows and take a siesta? They’re beautiful and functional.  There’s a lot of living to be had in this living room. Don’t you love that coffee table with the mirror top, reflecting different tones depending on the angle? (#easycleanup)  A small accent table complimented by just the right sized painting, a flower arrangement that adds a little  height, a side table that doesn’t overwhelm.  A sneak peek into the bedroom leaves us more to discover.

All these touches are transforming!  When you change your space, you change your life.  Yes, it’s true, there’s a furniture store that wants to help you change your life(#lifestylestore) and we believe that we can.  Where do you begin?  Fear not. We’ll meet you at the beginning and we’ll ask the right questions,  listen to the answers and imagine with you.   Need inspiration?  Come to the store and experience different kinds of spaces, just like the ones we’ve featured here.  And when we say experience, we mean sit down, get comfy, grab a cup of coffee from the nearby compact kitchen, and have a big thought about how you want to live.

It’s time to love where you live and we can help you get started.  Contact us today!