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Homes for Sale in Rochester NY and Other Housing Stats

Aug 5, 2016

chimney repairIt’s the first weekend of the month, and we’re ready with the latest news on homes for sale in Rochester NY and other cool stats like the average sale price and how many have sold in the last 30 days.  Specifically, we are focusing on Monroe County stats from the end of July.  Interesting to note that Yates county reported gains of a 72.5 increase in sales and Seneca County posted a 25.5% increase. (You can get more details from the press release.)

Active Listings

As of this posting, 723 homes were listed in the past 30 days with a median sale price of 146k.  Price points range from $8,900 to 2.7 million. Something for everyone!

Homes Under Contract

Of homes that were listed in the last 30 days, 131 went under contract in an average of 3 days.  Just another gentle reminder that the good ones sell fast and that you need to be ready.


What We DoIn the past 30 days, 476 homes were recorded as “sold” with sellers receiving an average of 100% of the asking price!!  Now, to be honest not every house got asking price, some were just under asking price and there have been a significant number of offers over asking price which prompted the 100% stat.  The median sale price was $150k.

We are still seeing a very active market and we expect it to continue into the fall. If you’re thinking of selling, House Logic has some advice:

  1. Update your curb appeal
  2. Get a home inspection
  3. Replace flooring and paint walls
  4. Clean the Basement, Garage and Attic
  5. Consult a stager

You can get all the how-to details in the rest of the article!

checklist-911841_960_720Thinking of buying?  Here’s how to increase your purchase power in a seller’s market according to

  1. Offer at least the list price
  2. Consider a larger earnest money deposit
  3. Don’t request favors
  4. Delay possession and give the seller a few extra days to move
  5. Submit a pre-approval

Be sure to get the rest of the great strategies and tips.

Buying or selling, we are ready to help!  We are excited to announce that Truth North Realtors has partnered with Weichart Realty to become Weichart Realty True North!  Contact us today for all your real estate and community needs!