How to Choose Craft Brew

Sep 16, 2016

beer-1511821_960_720Craft Breweries are hot!  Well, actually their hops and some other stuff.  Remember wine trails?  We now have beer trails.  It’s all good, but where do you begin with so many choices?  We’re glad you asked, it’s turns out that social media and local businesses can help you get started.  Here’s what’s new in how to choose craft brew:

Flour City Beer (appreciation association)

This is actually a Facebook Group and not a page.  It’s open to the public in terms of finding it, but it’s a closed group so you need to get accepted by an admin.  Their definition as stated on the group page:

Flour City Beer (appreciation association) is about sharing your passion and enjoyment of craft beer with others that love it too!
The group was created on February 4, 2011. We are based in the Rochester, NY area but have members all over the state and country! FCBaa includes beer geeks and people that are new to the craft beer scene along with production brewers and sales reps for these delicious beverages. The hope is that we are a resource to all interested in great beer. We have intelligent conversations about the beers we love without discouraging those that are new to craft beer. We are all here to share our thoughts on old favorites, new and seasonal beer offerings, limited releases, and great beers from outside our distribution area. We encourage our members to have the mind of a student and the heart of a teacher.

Roc Beer

beer-203855_640Their description: A collection of people from Rochester, NY who love beer and have a great time drinking it together. Whether you still live here or happen to be in another state or country if you were once in Rochester you are still a part of the scene. 

Roc Beer is also a closed group, although I got accepted in seconds when I asked to join. While some breweries do post their specials and latest flavors on the page, you still get reviews and answers to your questions when you ask.  You also get a list of local events and tastings that you can attend to find out what you like.

The deal with craft beers is that they’re unique and that’s awesome.  That also means that they’re limited editions.  We fell in love with a beautiful grapefruit shandy at the Lilac Festival in May from CB Craft Brewers, only to discover when we visited their tasting room that it was long gone.  Fear not, there was a strawberry blonde flavor that floated our boat and we bought a growler.

The truth is even people who aren’t beer people (aka. Wine lovers with potential) can still appreciate beer and you won’t know until you try.

We have some nearby places that support located crafted beer. It’s just a hop, (see what we did there) skip and a jump away!

Lost Borough Brewing

darklogoAlways fun and always lots to do!  Bonus–right next door to Sticky Lips!  Equally awesome is the story of how the brewery started; just two good friends in search of good beer:

“The Lost Borough Brewing Company is the realization of a dream for two life-long friends – Dave Finger and Dan Western – in search of the perfect pint of locally brewed craft beer. Two former Technology Education Teachers who shared a passion for building and design, but more importantly, a love of all things craft beer, decided to leave their mark by opening a local brewery where they could share their creativity with others while providing a truly different craft beer experience.”

Be sure to check out their website for all of the latest happenings which are too much to list!

Roc Brewing Co.

roc_brewingFrom their website:  Roc Brewing Co., LLC in 2011 was one of the first brewery to hit the growing Rochester brewing scene. Come check out the taproom and production facility in the heart of downtown. Join us for a unique experience and our contributions to the craft brewing world! Cheers to all of our friends and supporters, we look forward to serving everyone a pint or two and a memorable experience. RBC features 9 beer taps, rotating on a regular basis. So stop in often to see what’s “on-tap”.

Rochester Design Center Roc is looking forward to Craft Brewery tastings and pairings at our store!  Hello, we said it’s a place where real living happens and we weren’t kidding! Be sure to visit our website and FB page for all the details!

There are many options in our area. If you’re looking for a full meal with your beer, check out these offerings. In the end, the best place to begin is at your own beginning.   And, trying a new brew will not only be a fun time with friends, it will add a boost to small business and the local economy.  So will buying a house, and we can help with that too! Contact us today!