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How to Decide if a Move is Right for you

Sep 9, 2016

The buses are rolling and school is in session! Sometimes the start of a school year brings a stop to the home search or the desire to move.  One of our lifestyle goals at Rochester Design Center Roc is to provide you with the relevant resources you need to make the decisions that are right for you.  Should you move? (There are so many cool options in the city!)  Here’s how to decide if a move is right for you.

What is the Market Doing?

graphOh, we know.  It seems like a basic question.  The truth is that we are bombarded with a ton of information, almost on a daily basis as to what the real estate market is predicted to do in both the short and long term.  In the end, what matters most is what the market is doing where you are.   Screams of low inventory may not apply to you.   Should the competition prove to be fierce, there are creative ways to present your home in the best light.  What if there really are a shortage of homes in your neck of the woods?  Fear not.  We will keep a roof over your head. All it takes is one home to be listed and we’ll help you be ready.

Why Do I Want to Move?

family-photo-827763_960_720Moving because your neighbor is a wackadoodle is not a good reason.  What if the next one is worse in your new location?  If you’re moving because of the need to upsize, downsize, relieve financial stress or start a new beginning, please know those reasons won’t go away just because the calendar turns from August to September.  Many have a huge fear of moving a child during the school year.  We can honestly tell you that most children are resilient with the right preparation and so can our past clients and your school guidance counselors.  If you are staying in the same district the transition will obviously be smoother, but if you are not, there are many districts that will allow you to register your child with evidence of a purchase contract with a closing date in a set time frame.   Sometimes there is more stress in staying where you are than there is in making a move.  We can help you figure it out.

What are the Interest Rates Doing?

valuation-149889_960_720None of us have a crystal ball.  However, most would agree that interest rates are historically low now.  In addition, making a move in the near future will actually add to the future value of your home as rates begin to rise.   Having a mortgage payment within a comfortable budget is huge and we can help with that too!

“Should you stay or should you go now?”  (We love that song.) That’s a great question and we’re ready to help you answer it. we have your numbers and the experience it takes to weigh out all the emotions too.  In addition, whether you make a move or not we have what you need to embrace your space!    Contact us today to see what makes Rochester Design Center. (#cents)