Idea Party

The Red Dress…Idea Party has been canceled, as advertised, because a revision in thought process and implementation needs to take place to maximize the potential outcomes. It is essential for anyone who wants to bring their dream to reality to: use their voice and ASK for what they want. Today, millions of people work at lifeless, unfulfilling jobs, filling instead their employers pockets at the expense of their well-being. You may be one of them…

We all want to Thrive! We all want to live the Good Life! But we have to ASK for what we want. We have to learn how to use our voices to fuel our dreams. I am offering a less glamorous workshop, one without a scrumptious brunch (sorry), come as you are, and by donation. I am envisioning a free space, where together, we can feel safe to trust the process to speak our truth and be a supportive influence for one another – an Idea Team.

It’s in there somewhere….the things you loved most, that enchanted you, that gave you pause, gave you joy, excited you, gave you pleasure, made you feel content, made you question the possibility of bringing this thing to a place where you could see it and hold it in your hand. The things that gave you that aha moment and the possibility of things you wish you coulda-woulda-shoulda brought to fruition, are still here. It’s never too late and no matter how old you are, the opportunities are within your reach. Let’s see if we can’t sell your cleverness! How’s that for an Idea? We won’t know unless we try.

We are all unique individuals and what we all have in common is our own brand of genius, our own flair with talents, our personal knowledge and life experiences. These are the foundations upon which we can all build our dreams.

For further interest, I welcome you to email me at
No dream shall be left behind. Looking forward,

Inga Songbird