January Rochester Design Center Roc First Friday

Dec 28, 2016

Hello Rochester Design Center Friends!  We are hoping all is Merry and Bright!  As we write, some of you are still in mid-celebration with Hannukah and Kwanza!  Soon all of us will be ringing in a New Year and we couldn’t be more excited!  While 2017 will bring changes and exciting opportunities, some events will stay the same, like our Rochester Design Center Roc First Friday Events!  We are so excited to announce that the first one for 2017 will be on Friday, January 6th.

Let’s Meet the Artists:

Charles Jaffe

We can’t tell the story any better than his website already does and it’s one of the best stories ever:

“GROWING up in the 50’s, I had noticed a small wooden box my dad brought back from World War II. He had liberated a man from a concentration camp. The man was a marquetry master. To demonstrate his gratitude, he built my father a box with my mother’s picture on it, done from a photograph my father had given him. I was in awe of that box. In 1990, I moved to Rochester, New York and opened up a piano shop. (I am a piano technician.) I met a man in the basement who repaired old furniture. I acquired a goodly stack of veneer from this man and set about figuring how to cut it and make pictures. Through a lot of trial and error and what I learned from books, I have worked it out, and it has been a fine outlet.”

At Rochester Design Center Roc, we’re a proud supporter of local artists and we love to share their stories.  Charles tells his story through wood. #FacesinWood  Look at all the pieces in his story that literally fit perfectly together:  a solider, a prisoner, a photograph, a son, a furniture repairman.   All intertwined to create a passion for an artist that all of us can now enjoy!  Don’t miss his work on display at our store!  Perhaps you will find your story in one of his pieces of work.

Darrel Medford

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”  Actually, the mirror is!  Come and see these gorgeous oversized mirrors from Custom Design Mirrors and be sure to check out their Facebook page.  Don’t miss the photos that show the work in progress and the detail and design in each one.  Add just the right touch to any decor.  Make a small room feel bigger or a bigger room more elegantly personal.  Celebrate the elements of wood and glass in many different facets, reflecting many different cultures and styles.  And, you absolutely must see yourself in one!  Beauty has a way of inspiring, even more, beauty.  When you love what you do your passion is reflected everywhere!

A special treat:

For your added viewing pleasure we are excited to display Donna Payne’s  Original Vintage and Antique Poster Collection ranging from 1880-1970. Subjects vary like movies (from Elvis 1968 “Double Trouble” Italian billboard poster for the American film release), YWCA, WWII era, and advertising posters done for numerous spirits companies, and travel for countries around the world. Colorful, artist signed, often dated, and many are archivally restored for use as props in films, commercials, or beautiful home decor.  Come see what’s available for purchase and take one home!

January Rochester Design Center Roc First Friday is also a great time to reflect on your goals for 2017 and to create a space you’ll want to embrace for many years to come.  Yes, indeed, we have furniture and fixtures and finds.  We also have highly skilled design partners that are ready to help you dream and imagine.  Contact us today!  Not sure where to start?  No worries, that’s exactly why we are here!  We know the right questions to ask!   In fact, here’s the first one:  when you are you coming to see us?  We can’t wait to get started!