Keep Pets Safe During Holidays

Dec 10, 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… but, it can also be one of the most stressful times of the year, too!  Not only can the holidays be a busy & stressful time for us, it can be for our pets as well.  New routines, visitors, all sorts of decorations around- all these things can upset your pet.  Here’s our revised list of how to keep pets safe during holidays.


Many pet owners have a holiday horror story of when their furry friend ate something they shouldn’t have.  Many of the foods we eat won’t hurt Fido or Fluffy one bit, but there are some things on the pet-food-naughty-list:

  1. Chocolate- most dog owners know this is a huge no-no!
  2. Turkey bones- dogs love bones, right!?  Well, turkey and other poultry bones have the potential to be a serious choking risk!
  3. Pumpkin is a great treat for your pet… but skip the pumpkin pie!  Nutmeg is not good for your pet!!!
  4. Holiday plants… from poinsettias to holly to evergreen needles… all these things can upset your pet’s tummy or worse so be careful!   Why not consider some of the great holiday accents we have in our store instead??


Don’t forget other potential risks for your pet around the home.  Decorations like ornaments and tinsel can look like a great chew toy or a delicious treat to a pet, but can cause serious complications!!  Keep those decorations out of reach to make sure they don’t become a dangerous snack!  For more tips check out the ASPCA website.

If your pet DOES get into something they shouldn’t, here are some handy numbers:

Pet Poison Control: (888) 426-4435 – be aware, this is NOT a free call.
Animal Hospital of Pittsford: (585) 271-7700 – a great local vet!
Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Service: (585) 424-1277 – 24 hour emergency care!

Since we are talking about ornaments and other fa la la, now is a great time to see the Giving Trees.   On display at our store, each one of them benefits a local charity.  Yes, it’s decorating to make a difference.  When you buy a raffle ticket, everyone wins!  You can get one right now! (We’ll still be here when you get back.)


During the holidays many families have guests coming in and out of their home.  While many dogs love company, having visitors can really stress them out.  Learn to read your dog’s body language, and teach kids to recognize warning signs that a dog does NOT want to is a great resource for teaching your whole family to be dog-safe!

Great Pet Gifts:

As long as we’re talking about your four-legged family members, we thought we would include a list of great gift ideas that they will love.  We have our eye on the doggie fountain and pet treat dispenser!  See what you think!

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