Pumpkin Spice is Nice

Sep 23, 2016

coffee-983955_960_720Yes, it’s back to school and we all know what that means:  back to Pumpkin Spice latte everywhere. And, when we say everywhere, we’re serious.  It’s like a movement–pumpkin spice hair color, hummus, highlighters, beer, make-up and more.   We’ll start with lattes and see where we land.  As with any trend, we don’t want to over do it.  Less is always more in our Pumpkin Spice Guide.

 Buy It

Apparently, this year’s pumpkin spice is better than ever, according to Popsugar.com:

“After revamping the PSL recipe last year, it made sense that the drink could only possibly get better, what with using real pumpkin and all. But what really boosts the PSL this year is the option of using Starbucks’s new almond milk instead of real dairy. The nuttiness of the almond milk enhances the Fall spice blend (consisting of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and clove) and adds an extra layer of flavor.”Now, this is just the news from Starbucks, and they’re not the only show in town.  Dunkin Donuts released their pumpkin spice latte (otherwise known as PSL) on August 29th and McDonald’s released theirs on August 31st.   What’s the difference?  Who knows!  It’s a matter of taste and proximity.  For the record, DD also has released pumpkin donuts, munchkins and muffins as well as Salted Caramel flavored coffees.

Make It

Now, if you have some time, you can always make your own pumpkin latte, and to be honest, it will save you money and calories if you can make it the healthy way.  We googled easy (#kitchenchallenged) and healthy (#caloriesaddup) and here’s what we came up with:

EatingBirdFood.com -Scary domain name, but true to the google the recipe is healthy and really easy. I mean you have to break out a pan and a frother, but it doesn’t look hard.

Anytimefitness.com-  Again, healthy and easy and they added honey into the mix.  We like them because they know that not everyone has an expresso maker; strong coffee works too.

And for all you visual learners here’s a video from Clean and Delicious: (P.S.  Buy the almond milk and save time.)


Decorating with Pumpkin Spice

Houzz.com has some great ideas. (By the way, check out my profile while you are there.)  We love the tea kettle (page 1) , front door idea (page 4) and the Tuscan tray with pumpkins on page 5.  As with any color, placement is important.  So is expanding your horizons.  Pumpkin spice doesn’t need to be limited to just accents in the fall.  There’s a whole harvest of possibilities.  Visit us in our Rochester Design Center Store!
pumpkin-1002309_960_720As long as we are walking through the pumpkin patch, let’s actually talk about decorating with pumpkins.  Popsugar  has some unique ideas, and you know we’re all about that!  We love pumpkins as ice buckets for entertaining and as plant holders.  And, dare we say it in a blog about Pumpkin Spice, consider a teal pumpkin this year and allergy free candy!
The pumpkin spice trend is here to stay.  We’re here to help you see if it’s the right color for your world.  In the meantime, it’s a great fall market and we’ve got the perfect recipe to help you make your move.  Contact us today!