Rochester Home Prices

Sep 2, 2016

First Saturday and it’s Labor Day Weekend!  Before we know it, everyone will be back at school and back to the basics!  In honor of all things  mathematical, we’ve got your numbers!  Here are some recent Monroe County Housing Stats to that reflect the Rochester Home Prices.


business-925900_640In the last 30 days, 870 homes have been listed with a  median sales price of 145k.   With interest rates still at historic lows, we anticipate a strong fall market for both buyers and sellers to make their move


In the last 30 days, 150 homes have gone under contract with an average median price of 130k and an average of 3 days on the market!  This number is a reflection of the fact that homes in excellent condition and priced at fair market value will go fast.  It’s not a call to panic, it’s all to be prepared both on the buy side in terms of being pre-approved and on the sell side in making sure you present your home in its best condition.


In the last 30 days, 627 homes have closed.  The median sale price was 149k, a great increase over last month.  These numbers are the result of a strong spring market.  99% of sellers received their asking price.

These stats reflect all of Monroe County.  When we add in surrounding counties, we still see some great numbers and a positive fall market.  In fact, let’s take a look at why you might want to make your move this fall:

Buyers are serious

mortgage-149882__180Truth be told, some buyers are just kicking tires and getting decorating ideas.  The ones that are out in the fall usually have a goal of being somewhere for the holidays.  Some of these buyers may still be around since the summer market and since they didn’t find what they were looking for, they are highly motivated.

New Construction Prices will increase

If you ever wanted to build your dream home, now is the time.  Lower inventory,  super low-interest rates and the general rising cost of  construction materials each October are a great reason to get a plan to break ground now.  Put our new construction experience to work for you.


apples-805124_960_720As much as we hope that homes are priced to fair market value, some are over priced and still around when the leaves are starting to turn.  Sellers who have been on the market awhile may be more receptive to negotiation.  In addition, if investment is an option, some owners decide to liquidate their properties before year-end.

Each fall brings a harvest of  listings that are ripe for the picking!  Let me help  you take advantage of them!  Contact me today!   If an immediate move is not in your future, come see the fabulous findings at our store to welcome the new season!