Spring Allergy Home Remedies

Apr 15, 2017

While  Spring is a welcome sight for many, for others it is received with mixed emotions.   Often, welcome Spring means welcome allergies and this year’s season started early!  Aside from locking yourself in a room with closed windows  and central air and never leaving your home, what can you do?  Having taken more over the counter medications for allergies than I can count, I am intrigued by the home remedies.  Here’s our Spring Allergy Home Remedies Guide.

Home Remedies

As hard as you try to keep pollen out of your life, chances are you will still suffer symptoms. Before you reach for over-the-counter medications, there are home remedies that may provide relief. Consider the following:

  • Butterbur
  • Acupuncture
  • Cooking with Tumeric
  • Hepa Filters
  • Chicken instead of beef

(Get all the details in the rest of the article)

Many make a plan to dodge and weave and avoid the allergens when they are at their highest level.  Check your local allergy index.   Many local news stations will mention the allergy index in their forecasts or you can check online.

Allergy Apps

There’s also a variety of Allergy Apps (of course there is) to choose from that can help you track on the go:

Allergy Alert  from

Allergycast by Zyrtec

WeatherBug Elite:  from the Pollen Journal

To save time and money, it’s always great to check in with your local pharmacist.   Check out this list of independently owned pharmacies in the area that can help you plan your hay fever strategy!

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