Rochester Design Center Spring Cleaning Checklist and Spring Tips

Mar 11, 2017

What a crazy weather week!! We are certain Spring must be right around the corner… right?? Right!?  We’ll move our clocks forward and think warm, non-windy thoughts. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some higher temperatures soon.  We are dreaming of Spring, and we know you are too. Here are some great tips that include a spring cleaning checklist.

1.  Change your clocks, change your batteries.

When you change your clock,  remember to change the battery in your smoke detector. For a few bucks, and just a couple minutes of time, you can rest assured that your family will be alerted in an emergency! Winter weather & wind can also wear on your house number. Now’s a good time to be sure that it is still visible from the road! Check out for more info.

2. Watch for Potholes.

As the snow melts, we can really start to see the damage that’s been done to our roads during the winter. You’ll want to be extra mindful of potholes, but Monroe County is already working to get things repaired.

The Democrat and Chronicle has started a page to help people in the Greater Rochester area track potholes; take a look and see where the significant problems are.

Is there a pothole near you that didn’t make the list? Report it! Monroe County has an easy form to fill out, so that any issues can be resolved ASAP.

3. Start Your Spring Cleaning

And maybe it’s time for you to do a little spring cleaning!? Take a look around; what needs to be done? A fresh house always feels great in the spring! Of course, Martha Stewart has a classic cleaning list that you can actually print out!  Feel like your house is too much to tackle? Use to find a great cleaning service in the area.  Give one a call, and have your home ready for Spring in no time!!

Maybe moving your clocks forward isn’t the only move you want to make.  Spring has sprung and there are many great opportunities to give your home a fresh new look!  Improve? Move?  Cleaning checklist? Moving checklist?  Either way we have you covered!  Contact us today and embrace your space!