Teacher Gifts and Other End of the Year Fun!

May 27, 2016

boy-1298788_960_720Hello Rochester, we’ve got only a few more weeks in the school year, and we know your kids are probably getting antsy waiting for these final days to be over- maybe you are too!!  Here’s some great ideas for the best teacher gifts and end of the year fun.

Teacher Appreciation

Now’s the time to start thinking about how you can show your child’s teacher some love after a long year! Teacher appreciate gifts aren’t a necessity, but they are certainly well deserved!

DIY Gifts

colored-pencils-686679_960_720They definitely add a personal and creative touch at the same time.  Pinterest is our go to and the good news is that many of the gifts aren’t complicated and some are even practical.  Don’t miss the “apple” bites and colored pencil canisters and pictures.

Teacher Picks


Not a DIY person?  We get it.  Take a look at some of these gifts that were actually suggested by teachers from   We love the walking robot pencil sharpener, personalized flower pot and the charitable donation certificate.  There’s 20 altogether so you’re sure to find one that floats your boat. Many times, teachers spend their own money trying to create an encouraging environment.  It really is okay to give a gift for the classroom!  Or, you can add a personal touch with a gift for the home.  Once our Rochester Design CenterStore opens, it will be filled with furniture, fixtures and finds.   You’ll be able to pick the perfect treasure for your teacher that sends just the right message (jewelry, stationery, digital art, accent pillow)  We can’t wait to assist you!  You won’t be able to find what we have anywhere else–because we found it first and it’s here!

Bus Driver Giftsschool-606084_960_720

While you’re at it, don’t forget to thank your child’s bus driver too!  We had to go back to Pinterest yet again. We love the M and M (miles and miles idea) and the stop and say thank you gifts.

Start a Countdown

lastdayKids feeling weary at the end of the year? Start building some summer excitement with a countdown!! We love this paper chain, but you can be as creative as you want. Kids will love getting to rip off links, and start watching as the number of days left gets lower and lower!!

ABC Memories

From A to Z, record a phrase, memory, and/or piece of wisdom gained throughout the school year.  Ask friends and family to help!

School will be out before we know it!  If your summer plans include a fresh new makeover for your home, or a plan to make a move, we’ve got you covered.  Contact us today!