It's time for a Transformaiton

Embrace Your Space With Upstate NY Resource Furniture

Apr 29, 2017

Dear Rochester Design Center Readers,

We are excited to introduce to you to Resource Furniture.  You’ve seen it before on your social media feed.  You’ve probably even thought it was pretty cool and figured it wasn’t available from anywhere around here.  Think again, my friend.  Rochester Design Center is a dealer in Upstate NY.  BAM! That changes everything!

Let’s take a sneak peek at what it’s all about.

We are proud to partner with a company like Resource Furniture that understands the importance of quality (#thinkhinges), functionality and exciting design.  Not only can you embrace your space, you now can reinvent it.  That studio apartment you have? It doesn’t look so small anymore.  A spare bedroom that needs to be a guest room and an office and a toy room takes on new life.

It’s a lot to take in, so let’s just consider one table:

The truth is that you really don’t need a huge table every day but you do need an every day table that can be used for special occasions.   Apply that concept to other furniture and feel the freedom of being able to make flexible choices.

This furniture isn’t just for tight spaces, tiny houses and studio apartments.  It’s for any space or object  that has the potential to be transformed.  Think about that.  Art in motion.  A chair that’s a ladder.  A desk that’s a bed.  A bed that’s a wall.  All of it reflecting a lifestyle of flexibility and function. Imagine a world that’s easy to organize and easy to reinvent.   Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Where to begin?  With us of course, because we’re the dealers in Upstate New York and we believe that any space can be embraced with the right design strategy.  Contact us today for the High Tech, High Style Solutions you’ve been waiting for. They’re already here at Rochester Design Center!